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Basic Information
"my past? i barely remember today."

Main Details
Name: Alyss Hart
Epithet: lost one
Height: 6'0
Weight: 230
Build: striking beauty, leaves men speechless
Age: 23
Gender: F
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Human
Birthday: Feberary 29th

Additional Details
Associated Numbers: 1
Associated Colors: Yellow
Associated Animals: Snake
Associated Flowers: Roses
Associated Country: N/A
Scent: Steel
Favorite Islands: Winter islands
Favorite Foods: Grilled pork
Favorite Animals: Apes
Favorite Colors: Yellow

Job Details
Occupation: Swordsman
Personalized Flag: Doesnt have one

Character Development
"We all float down here"

Personality: Calm but serious. Approaches the world from a side angle

Appearance: Alyss hart 74W84Cr

Skills and Attributes:

Combat Information
"I suppose, if your willing to end your life in disappoinment."

Fighting Styles
Ittoryu- one sword style

Normal Weapons
Shusui- black sword

Advanced Weapons

Other Items
(Here you should list and describe any useful basic items that your character has that would not count as a weapon, such as a compass or Log Pose, a Den Den Mushi or anything else of the sort.)

Devil Fruit
Devil Fruit: Doragon Doragon no mi: model Ghidorah
Power: Zoan type, full form: three headed golden dragon
scaled human

Advanced Abilities
Rage form: when at total lost, the beast takes over and trys to kill all who challange the user.

Character's Story
"Hey, piss off!"

Place of Birth: Small island in the east blue

Important People:

Crew and Nakama:

Character Goals: Be queen of the pirates

Born to a renown Swordsman in the east blue, Alyss Hart was a sickly child who was destined to die before her first birthday. That is, until a hermit wandered into town one day looking for a dying child. On their last hope, Alyss's family brought the man to the baby, who found her acceptable. Making a deal with the father, he left a devil fruit and a curse for the child. sending the rest of the family away for a day, they came back to a health Alyss, the promised devil fruit and a new one in the apple basket. The new one was given to the mans crew when they came looking for him, along with the body. Alyss grew into a strong woman that the world seemed to hate. Anything that could go wrong for her did, resulting in many friends deaths. Eating the devil fruit and leaving, she found that she couldnt die by swords or guns and she could touch on the powers of the lost dragon. Taking this information, she set out to sea to become the new queen of the pirates.


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