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Name:Ryu Tenka
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral,
Race: Human
Birthday: march 25

Additional Details
Associated Numbers:24
Associated Colors:Red black
Associated Animals:Wolves
Associated Flowers:tiger lillies
Scent:fresh tiger lillies
Favorite Islands: Any with proper medical tools
Favorite Animals:Wolves
Favorite Colors:red black

Job Details
Occupation: primary Doctor secondary marksman
Personalized Flag: N/A
Class: N/A

Character Development
"Character Development Personal Quote" Death will be cheated if not ill slay death itself."

Personality: basic medical person, wants to help everyone with no thought of himself

ryu tenka    Sniper

Skills and Attributes:

Specialists Focus

Allergy & Immunology

Allergic and immunologic diseases and their respiratory complications (such as pollen, chemical and food allergies, asthma and AIDS).


Anesthesia or relief of pain during surgery and childbirth, and control of paid due to various causes.

Cardiovascular Disease


Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.


Diseases of the skin.

Emergency Medicine

Diseases that are acute medical or surgical conditions or injuries that require urgent or immediate care (usually in a hospital emergency room).

Endocrinology and Metabolism

Diseases of the internal glands of the body, including diabetes mellitus.

Family Practice

All diseases and related total health care of an individual and the family.


Diseases of the digestive tract, including the stomach, bowel, liver and pancreas.

General Practice

All diseases and related total health care of an individual and the family.

Geriatric Medicine

Diseases of the elderly.


(See "Obstetrics and Gynecology".)

Gynecologic Oncology

Cancer diseases of the female reproductive system.


Disorders of the blood and blood-forming organs (including cancerous disorders of the blood) such as anemia, leukemia and lymphoma (see Oncology, Medical).

Infectious Diseases

Infections of all types.

Internal Medicine

All diseases and total health care of adults, usually 18 years of age and older.


Disease of the newborn child.


Diseases of the kidney, including dialysis.


Diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nervous system and related structures.

Neurological Surgery

Diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nervous system and related structures requiring surgery.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Normal and abnormal pregnancy, diseases of the female reproductive system and fertility disorders.

Oncology, Medical

Cancer and disorders of the blood and blood-forming organs (see Hematology).


Diseases of the eye.

Orthopedic Surgery

Diseases of the bones, joints, muscles and tendons.


(Ear, Nose & Throat)

Diseases of the ears, nose, sinuses, throat and upper airway passages.


Tissues and specimens removed by biopsy and surgery to diagnose normal from diseased tissues and specimens; supervises and interprets laboratory tests on blood, urine and other body fluids.


All diseases and total health care of newborns, infants, children and adolescents.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Diseases with major and minor disabilities requiring restoration of functional ability such as assistance, retraining and recondition of muscles, tendons and extremities for ambulation and other activities of daily living.

Plastic Surgery

Diseases and conditions requiring surgical reconstruction for deformity or loss of a body part, or for cosmetic purposes to improve appearance or function.

Podiatric Medicine


Disease of the foot and ankle as they affect the conditions of the feet.

Preventative Medicine

Health care and other measures to avoid delay or prevent disease or illness from occurring.


Diseases affecting mental health including diseases of the brain, nervous system and substance abuse of drugs or chemicals.

Pulmonary Disease

Diseases of the lung.

Radiology, Nuclear

Diseases requiring use of radioactive isotopes or as an aid in diagnosis and/or therapy.

Radiation Oncology

Cancer and other diseases with x-ray therapy, radioactive isotopes and linear accelerator particle radiation.


Diseases of the joints including arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

Sports Medicine

Diseases and injuries acquired in sports.

Surgery, General

Disease that require surgical operation for diagnosis or treatment.

Surgery, Hand

Diseases and injuries of the nerves, tendons, muscles, bones or skin of the hand requiring surgery.

Surgery, Thoracic

Diseases of the chest, including lungs, heart, blood vessels and chest wall, that require surgical operation for diagnosis and/or treatment.

Surgery, Vascular

Diseases of the blood vessels that require surgical operation for diagnosis or treatment.

Surgery, Colon and Rectal

Diseases of the large intestine (bowel), rectum and anus that require surgical operation for diagnosis or treatment.

Surgery, Urology

Diseases of the kidneys, bladder and male reproductive tract that require surgical operation.

Combat Information
"Combat Information Personal Quote"
"Ill stay away from the fight as long as i can stay alive and help others"
Fighting Styles
He is a doctor.knows no fighting style at the moment

Normal Weapons
Regular mass manufactured sniper rifle
100X rounds for sniper

Advanced Weapons
A seastone surgical scapel said to never go dull for his medical procedures.

Other Items
Bandagesx 25
Medical sterile pads x25
Stich Needles x 150
Stich thread x 6 rolls

Devil Fruit
Devil Fruit:Goro-Goro-no mi
The Goro Goro no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into electricity at will, making the user a Lightning human. "Goro Goro" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for rumbling, usually used in the context of thunder. In the Viz Manga, the English version of the game Pirates Carnival (dubbed by 4Kids), and the FUNimation dub, it is called the Rumble-Rumble Fruit

Advanced Abilities
he is able to attach electricity to hi metalic bulets
strength and Weakness
The fruit's major strength, as with other Logia fruits, is that it allows the user to produce, as well as become the element they control. In this case, Ryu is able to produce as well as become electricity. With this in mind, Ryu is able to attack with lightning itself. He is also able to regulate the voltage of his electricity, with a maximum of 200 million volts.(once mastered)

He is also able to avoid normal attacks by turning into lightning and allowing the attack to pass through him. On top of that, ryu can merge with solid matter (like gold or wood) for defense or traveling purposes. Turning into lightning can also have the added effect of electrocuting an opponent. The user is also capable of traveling at a lightning fast speed and instantly reaching distant places by turning into pure lightning. The fruit also allows him to jump-start his heart after it stopped.

(While seemingly all-powerful, its unique weakness is rubber, since rubber is a natural insulator.[8] This weakness makes the eater of the Gomu Gomu no Mi the natural enemy to this fruit's powers due to the user's rubbery body.[9] Not only did all of Enel's electric attacks have absolutely no effect on Luffy, but Enel also lost his intangibility against Luffy's attacks, just like how Crocodile lost his intangibility when Luffy was soaked in liquid. It is unknown if other insulators can reproduce the effect that Luffy has on this power. Nami was also able to deflect some of Enel's lightning with her Clima-Tact, though Enel claimed that would stop if he increased the power of the lightning.) Also it is unknown if Ryu can control the amps of electricity, as his attacks specifically mention the level of volts. This could explain why Ryus victims are burned but their hearts do not stop from being electrocuted. Other than that, the user is also affected by the standard Devil Fruit weakness

Character's Story
"Background/History Personal Quote"
"My past is surrounded in death"

Place of Birth
Santa Fe Island within the east blue that was destroyed and sent into the bottom of the sea.

Important People:
The medical scholors he learned from while he was a young drifter going where ever he could stow away to. While he did not know specific names he remembered the medical knowledgebase he obtained

Crew and Nakama
Currently still a civilian

Character Goals: wants to become a great doctor and open a school that teaches all of the worlds medical knowledgebase procedures

Ryu was born to a modern noble family ,he was raised to be polite and courteous and at the same time strong and without fear. His parents active supporters of the advancement on medical studies often took him to the learning base where the island taught many medical procedures in which he was able to gain a grasp of. Though without many of the islands inhabitants knowing a secret  government expirament was being undergone within the center of the island which went horribly wrong and lead to a massive catastrophe.luckily Ryu was able to escape with other survivors but his parents paid dearly for his survival and stayed on the island to help others escape.Ryu can remember the massive explosion that destroyed and sunk the once great island. Once his ship landed on another island he was forced to live like a rat feeding from unwanted food within the trash.many people mocked him not knowing his background and only when a young adult had fallen onto a broken Window did anyone feel greateful to Ryu for his medical retainment for he was able to save the young adults life earning him enough berries to leave the island at the age of 12. While on his way to were ever the boat was taking him it.came under attack from a pirate ship in which a crew member was shot down dropping his rifle. Hesitant Ryu picked the gun and without knowledge of the weapon fired round after round until he got comfortable with it allowing him and the ships crew to succesfully defend the ship.
Throught his travels as a kid to adult hood he always managed to sneak into any advanced medical institute he could find stealing books that allowed him to further his medical knowledge.on his travles he found a mysterius fruit and out of hunger ate it, within hours he noticed his body turn into electricity which frightened him, he spent three months in a forsaken island trying to control his new found abilites

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