Dōteki Dōteki no Mi

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Dōteki Dōteki no Mi

Post by Miikai on Mon Jun 22, 2015 10:43 am

Devil Fruit Name: Dōteki Dōteki no Mi

Translation: Kinetic Kinetic fruit

Class: Paramecia

What the fruit does:Allows the user to control Kinetic energy, allowing him to ether increase of decrease the speed, power or even density of things around. If he touches a nonliving object, he caninteract with the molcules, increasing their speed into different shapes to allow him to competely change its shape.

Eaten by: Vice Admiral Alexander Dire

Weaknesses: If he interacts with an items molecules to much, he will cause the object to follow apart on the moleculer level. As well as he has next to know power on living people, only able to change the speed and power of their person.


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