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Character Template

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Basic Information
"Basic Information Personal Quote"

Main Details
Alignment: (Lawful Good, Chaotic Neutral, True Evil, etc.)
Race: (Human, Sky Person, Fishman, etc.)
Birthday: (eg. April 1st)

Additional Details
Associated Numbers:
Associated Colors:
Associated Animals:
Associated Flowers:
Associated Country:
Favorite Islands:
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Animals:
Favorite Colors:

(This section is entirely optional, but we do recommend that you fill at least some of it in. It should help you get a better grasp of your character, as well as providing readers with some additional trivia that could help them out when they join your character in RP.)

Job Details
Occupation: (What does your character do for a living? If you're a Marine, list your rank as well.)
Personalized Flag: (Describe your character's personal flag here. Though 'Jolly Roger' may insinuate pirates, marines can give a flag a go as well!)
(You gain classes through your bounty. 1-1000 E, 5000-10,000 D, 10-50,000 C, 50-100,000 B, 1,000000 A) ( You gain 500 bounty every criminal act or based on how serious even more)

Character Development
"Character Development Personal Quote"



Picture Please

Skills and Attributes:

(Any particular traits or non-combat skills that your character possesses or has knowledge of and brief explanations for clarification. For example, if your character is a doctor, include medical knowledge. If your character is a shipwright, include their shipbuilding skills. Basically, if it fits under your character's job, you should probably list it here and include a better understanding of it.)

Combat Information
"Combat Information Personal Quote"

Fighting Styles
(List your character's fighting styles here, including a quick description of the principles behind them. Later, you can also add Extraordinary Fighting Styles, either creating them from scratch, or turning an existing fighting style into one by learning new aspects.)

Normal Weapons
(Here you should list and describe all the normal weapons that your character uses, if any. These include swords, guns and all the standard weapon types that could be easily replaced if lost or destroyed. This would also include any stylised weapons or otherwise basic weapons that have been slightly adjusted.)

Advanced Weapons
(Here is where you need to list any special weapons used by your character. An Advanced Weapon is any weapon that is beyond the norm, such a hybrid weapons like gunblades, etc.. Weapons that have been slightly adjusted or reinforced do NOT count as Advanced Weapons if their basic form was a Normal Weapon. Any Advanced Weapons that your character starts his or her journey with cannot be or contain any of the following: Graded Weapons, Cursed Weapons, Kairouseki/Seastone, Wapolmetal, Laser Technology. Characters cannot start off with any more than 3 Advanced Weapons.)

Other Items
(Here you should list and describe any useful basic items that your character has that would not count as a weapon, such as a compass or Log Pose, a Den Den Mushi or anything else of the sort.)

Devil Fruit
Devil Fruit: (If your character is a Devil Fruit user, please name their fruit here. Leave blank if the character is not a Devil Fruit user.)Link: (Please include a working link to your approved Devil Fruit here. Leave blank if the character is not a Devil Fruit user.)Power: (Include a brief description of what power your Devil Fruit has for quick reference. Leave blank if the character is not a Devil Fruit user. For Zoan users, this is also the place to list all of your forms, excluding Monster Form.)

Advanced Abilities
(Please leave this section blank unless you are updating your profile. This section is for any Auras/Gears/Monster Forms that your character obtains.)

Character's Story
"Background/History Personal Quote"

Place of Birth:
(Where was your character born? List the island of birth as well as the Blue in which the island is located. If you want to, you can also include the particular town they were born in.)

Important People:
(Here you can list any characters involved in your character's life - such as their parents, siblings, friends and tutors - and perhaps give a little information about them.)

Crew and Nakama:
(If your character is part of a crew or particular group, you can name and link them here for reference. You can also include some brief information on what your character's opinions of them are.)

Character Goals: (Why does your character sail the seas? To become the pirate king? Or just to see the world? Tell us why here!)

(Here you should write out the background story of your character, explaining all the important events in their life from the moment they were born up until the present. A character cannot have any direct links with any canon characters - including the Tenryuubito - during their history, though certain indirect relationships with canon characters may be allowed depending on the situation. However, it is suggested that you avoid any canon links.)

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