Sarutobi (Rising Art)

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Sarutobi (Rising Art)

Post by Gin on Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:29 am

Ship Name:

Crew Name:  
Rising Art

Jolly Roger:

Ship Size:
The bay is the largest part holding enough area for the  crew to fight on without any visible damage and the Capain's room . Underneath houses 3 bedding rooms, 1 kitchen,  1 research area, 1 training room, 1 pet housing room, 1 medical area, and 1 treasury room.

Type of Ship:
Custom Ship

Ship Appearance:

Description of Ship:
The ship's main property is the thick coating of armored steel around the wood that's makes up the ship. It has a second engine in form of a large breath dial which enables it to fly.

Additional Notes:

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