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Post by Admin on Wed May 20, 2015 11:24 pm

Anyone choosing to break the following rules will be punished as if they did read the rules. No exceptions.

1) Respect everyone around you. This includes your peers and especially your superiors. A little teasing between friends is fine but if it is clear that the other person is not feeling it, it will be considered bullying.

2) Bullying. If I see it going on, you will be punished accordingly.

3) Metagaming and Godmoding. If you don't know what it is, look it up. Its basically the premise of using OOC (out of character) information to your advance IC (in character). This is a definite no no in almost every roleplay place you go.

4) Spam. Don't flood the forums with information. Or irrelevant posts. You will be banned for 2 hours and should it continue, probably permanently.

5) Don't pop off at administration or any members of staff just because you haven't gotten your way in some sort of creation or anything else they have a ruling on.

6) No large images please, they mess up the whole forum layout. If we see this we will not hesitate to remove them

7) It's important to have good lirate English, if not this probably isn't the place for you. Considering this is a forum for 18-up cursing or foul language isn't something we dog people about but don't be a bully or insulting people.

Make sure you follow the character template provided, do not alter it. If your caught you will be permanently banned from this forum.

9) All role-plays should firstly have a posting order that dedicates who may post when. This order is usually established by the topic creator and should be followed throughout the entire topic unless it is required to be broken.

10) Any member is welcomed to create threads in the RP area and creation area, please just put PRIVATE in bold if you just want certain people inside of the thread. All other members are expected to respect that privacy and if not they will be banned for a day.

11) Second Characters are allowed. When making another character you have to make another account for it as well. You may carry over one trait to the new character from the old character.

12) Make sure not to post anything sexual related that goes against the terms of agreement with the forumotion. Sexual pictures should be ecchi at best, NO full blown nudity or sex. Rping certain relations should be done in a private thread but keep it vague because despite the restrains on other members peeking, I the forum owner has to see it.

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