Death System

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Death System

Post by Gin on Fri May 22, 2015 3:32 am

Seeing the death of your character is bound to happen either by natural cause or in the heat of battle, we have created a death system.

No character should die outside of an arc, there is only two exceptions to this. 1. Both parties put in an application for a death match in this topic in the space below and 2. If a character must be killed off and it's agreed by the creator of the character and a mod who if the character is still young the mod himself will have to kill the character.

When a character dies the only time they may be brought back is if the admins collectively agree it's what's best for the arc ( they can only be brought back in an arc)

If your character dies then your encouraged to make a new one but like with all character creation no character should be made over the rank of captain and the new character can not be like the old.
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